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January 31, 2011

Math Olympiad. School bus election. Spectrum slick. Kulshan 5 set. Uno on VHS upstairs. Super Nachos. A Chinese building where they catch and keep fireflys. Scimitar. Bo knows. Mr. Zoller, that dickhead. Wing Commander. Loyd Christmas. Lakeway and Lincoln all day everyday. Fred Bears. Big black. Bacon Bits.  Roosevelt. Aquatic Center gap. Talkin’ disc golf at Frank’s Pawn Shop. Ladner. Scam brothers. Haggen’s ledge. Trinity. QC stereo. Whirlpool, BB gun, zipline, miniramp. Driveway lipslide shuvs/smithgrind. Haunted carwash. Egglauncher. Whatcom Falls. Laffines late night. Yew street reverse T bone in the Thing. Greek Orthodox and your truck wouldn’t start. Fast times at Brookview place, Willow Road, and Louie’s place. Albertson’s skate jam. Shit baseball. 4th of July on Galbraith. Lebowski. Tood’s Boot. Commercial Meat Slicer. Sour Milk. I could go on and on but you remember too.

A year to reconcile, some days its still unbelievable. December 2010 you dropped me off after a cold night skating Cost Cutter and it was like every other time since we were kids except that would end up being that. I’m going out shredding tonight with you in mind. I hope you can do the same wherever you are.

I really miss you man.

Photo: Jared Smith


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